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About Me

I’m the maker of Mental Snapp, journaling app for mental health,  and #mentalhealthartists. I’ve always been inspired by story and self definition as a way to manage mental health. I have told my story on film and helped many other people do the same in a 20 year career in mental health and film. 

Telling stories is how we manage our identity. My medical record is not the sum of me. The problem is that we think of mental health and we think of illness. We don’t know what good mental health is.

So, inspired by a Philip Larkin poem, Born Yesterday, I came up with this definition of good mental health:

“Good mental health is an art built on the habit of catching and appreciating very ordinary little moments.

Let’s make some ordinary moments together.”

I set up #mentalhealthartists with a bunch of people to do just that. 

To meet, have fun, to experience a playful way to practice the art of good mental health by telling our stories and making ordinary moments together. Join us. 

Why You Should Join Us

On #mentalhealthartists on Mighty Network you get all our community in one place - meet-ups, courses, podcasts, content. We’re going to build some more journaling tech in response to what the community wants and we’ll be asking you questions to find out how we can best support you. We can’t wait to journey together with you and keep developing content and services that you love. 

Good mental health is an art. Let’s practice it together. 

A Big Thanks

You are a super star. Thank you so much for joining us. 

Your support means that we can better look after each other as a growing community. Our service can respond to your needs and requests. We are growing in number and power. We can make a network that truly makes a difference to people’s lives.

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